Musical afternoon

Come and be charmed at Hanna’s annual violin recital.

Sunday, April 28
2:00 – 2:45 pm
Healdsburg Adventist Church
429 Terrace Boulevard, Healdsburg

Hanna and the Twin Hills Panthers will be playing their second tournament game this evening at five, at Brookhaven Middle School.

Monday, 5:00. Go Panthers! Go Hanna!

First game of Hanna’s volleyball tournament will be on Monday at 5. Location not yet known–call for details if you think you may attend.

Elsa got a haircut on Thursday, then had a chance to ride her favorite mechanical horse, Champion.  This is sort of a funny picture of her, but you can see how thrilled she was with her ride. And she had that just-got-my-hair-styled-and-I-look-like-a-million-bucks feeling, too.  It all shows.

Elsa on Champion

Two volleyball wins!

Hanna’s team won both of their games last night in a double-header.  In a funny twist, Hanna is not certain who either of those teams were!

Monday, February 11 at Windsor, 5:15-6:15.

Tuesday, February 12 at Twin Hills, 5-6

Wednesday*, February 13 at Twin Hills, 5-6

Tuesday, February 19 at Twin Hills 4 p.m.. This is a double-header; there will be two games back to back.

Wednesday*, February 20 at Salmon Creek, 5-6

Monday, February 25 at Windsor, 5-6

Tuesday, February 26 at Twin Hills, 5-6

Wednesday*, February 27 at Twin Hills, 4-5

* Wednesday is violin lesson day, and Hanna might not play in these games.  Check with her before planning to attend.


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